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Trigger (Pre-Workout) Mango

Trigger (Pre-Workout) Mango

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An Ultimate Performance Booster!
When you crave a refreshing pre-workout power-up, you run to Trigger by Outlast. It contains a combination of ingredients that help in energizing you through your workout. It also helps with building muscle strength and size. Trigger is good for interval training as well as high-intensity training. Trigger has a great mixability in water so you’re left with no sand and a gritty taste at the end of your drink. It comes in really unique and mouth-watering flavors. 



  • Energy and performance booster
  • Keeps you active


How To Use?

Take one scoop of Trigger (pre-workout) and add it to 8-10oz of water or any beverage of your choice. Consume it after mixing it well. If you are using it for the first time, use ½ serving or less than that to test tolerance. After accessing tolerance, take only 1 serving.

Warning: Do not consume it within 6 hours of your bedtime as it may lead to insomnia.

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Customer Reviews

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Elevates my performance

OutlastLabz Pre-Workout is a game-changer for maximizing performance. The focus and intensity it brings to my workouts are unmatched. I appreciate that it doesn't rely on excessive stimulants but instead provides a smooth and sustained energy release. The mango flavor is both delicious and easy on the stomach. OutlastLabz has created a pre-workout that I can trust to elevate my training sessions consistently.

Best Preworkout

This is the best pre-workout i have ever used.